That's Not Something You Can Just Disclose Willy-nilly. In Recent Weeks, Facebook Has Been Reportedly Clamping Down On Internal Leaks And Attempting To Determine The Source Of Disclosures To The Media That Result In Coverage That Is Damaging To The Company.


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"There appeared to be attorney-client priviledged documents in what was shared with the press," he said. "That's not something you can just disclose willy-nilly." In recent weeks, Facebook has been reportedly clamping down on internal leaks and attempting to determine the source of disclosures to the media that result in coverage that is damaging to the company. At the same time, taking aim at a former employee who turned to regulators and the media to reveal secrets that Facebook strenuously attempted to keep under wraps would be bad for its public image, according to the whistleblower attorneys, who noted that Facebook is also on the defensive from being under regulatory pressure in Washington. "Her greatest protections are actually non-legal," said lawyer Havian of the Facebook whistleblower. "Simply that Facebook is trying really hard to present itself as a good citizen, and it doesn't burnish that image when you go after people who do nothing more than reveal the truth of what's going on at the company." "As a matter of optics, it could be disastrous for Facebook," she said. "But they seem not to care about that, and they are not very adept at avoiding disastrous optics." Some of the documents obtained by the whistleblower were reportedly shared with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Congress, in addition to being provided to the Journal. Havian, the whistleblower attorney who represents companies, said going to the SEC is the safest course for someone looking to expose a corporation through confidential hop over to this website material. But he said the lack of legal protections around providing the media with such documents puts whistleblowers who work with the press in a dicey situation. "Facebook could pursue legal action and say, 'We don't have a problem with you going to a government agency, but going to the national press is a violation of an agreement you signed,' " Havian said. [Training]

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Biden getting COVID-19 booster shot after authorization WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is set to receive his COVID-19 booster shot. Monday's booster shot comes days after federal regulators recommended a third dose of the Pfizer vaccine for Americans age 65 or older and approved them for others with preexisting medical conditions and high-risk work environments. The White House says the 78-year-old Biden will deliver remarks and receive the additional dose Monday afternoon. Biden got his first shot on Dec. 21and his second dose three weeks later, on Jan. 11, along with his wife, Jill Biden. It's unclear whether the first lady will also receive the booster dose Monday.

New Zealand eliminated COVID-19 last year and had been largely virus-free, barring a small number of cases in February, until the latest outbreak of the Delta variant erupted in August, prompting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to order a nationwide lockdown. Its biggest city Auckland is still in lockdown with a small number of new cases being reported everyday. "We may not get back to zero but the important thing is we are going to keep finding any infections and basically continue to contact trace, test and isolate people so that we stop the virus circulating in the community... that's the aim," Ashley Bloomfield, the director general of health told Radio New Zealand. Bloomfield said the aim now was to try and get on top of the outbreak while also ramping up vaccination rates. "Get that vaccination rate up over 90%...that's absolutely our new means whereby we will be able to get back to the freedoms we had," he said. Ardern's tough lockdowns and international border closure in March 2020 helped rein in COVID-19, but the government now faces questions over a delayed vaccine rollout. After an apparent delayed start, New Zealand has ramped up inoculation with nearly 40% of the country's 5.1 million people now fully vaccinated. Authorities reported 23 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, all in Auckland, taking the total number of cases in the current outbreak to 1,080. At a daily COVID-19 press conference later in the day, however, the COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the government had not given up on achieving zero cases. "We are not giving up on getting back down to zero.

The study, conducted by subject matter experts from the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship and independently verified by IMPLAN Inc., shows that the University’s annual economic impact has grown—a previous study found the University’s annual impact to be $603 million. The current study examined the University’s annual economic and social activity from 2017 through 2019, finding that the University generated more than $34 million per year in tax revenue, and the overall output of student and employee spending added $565 million to Mississippi’s economy. “I am so proud that The University of Southern Mississippi continues to be a significant economic driver for our state,” said University President Rodney D. Bennett. “We take our role as a community partner very seriously, and we look forward to continuing to meet the economic, education, and research needs of the Greater Pine Belt, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and the state of Mississippi as a whole.” The University expends $112 million in external funding for research purposes, accounting for an economic impact of $188 million in FY19 and generating an additional $7 million in state and local government taxes. The University is an employment generator, creating and supporting 7,437 jobs throughout the state. Southern Miss Athletics generated a total economic impact of $41 million, up from $31.2 million in 2015. Three multimillion-dollar buildings totaling $36.1 million have opened in the past five years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in support of USM Coastal Operations, with two additional buildings and one research vessel coming online in the near future. Approximately 60 percent of USM’s graduates stay in the state of Mississippi to live, work and apply learned skills.